Quality control
European quality
At all stages of production at the plant complies with all the latest trends in technology and quality control of the goods.

Quality Management Systems

After going a long way to improve the quality management system in production by introducing more and more sophisticated control standards and developing production, poultry processing complex "Ukrptahoservis" today meets the highest requirements for quality control of products in the factory.

The HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) - is not just a European standard of quality. This requirement for daily work. This is the right attitude of each employee to the product that we produce. We are responsible for the quality of our products.

European standard safety

Since mid-2013 complex "Ukrptahoservis" introduced ISO international quality management system 22000: 2005 Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points HACCP involves the systematic identification, assessment and control of hazards, significantly affect the safety of products.

We are proud to be taking care of the production of quality products are the main focus in the work of each employee. Precisely because of this we managed to achieve European standards of production safety, which makes our products even healthier and healthier.